Inspection Centre, Test Lab

Inspection Centre

Global Seamless has a state-of-art inspection center to provide testing services in order to maintain supreme quality of the finished products. Our testing laboratory has 14 sets of test equipment including Universal Testing M/G, Optical Emission Spectrometer, Flattening Test Units, Hydraulic Test Unit, and the Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Units that are used in the production workshop. Billets, Mother Hollow, and finished pipes/tubes are getting closely inspected for physical aspects like roundness, outer diameter, wall thickness, surface roughness, porosity, inclusion rating, etc. Our Inspection Center is equipped with advanced Testing Instruments like:

  • Hydrostatic Tester: Tubes/Pipes are tested hydrostatically up to 5000 psi in heavy-duty PLC-based per relevant standards
  • Eddy Current Tester: An offline SCADA based testing system to detect subsurface and surface defects as per customer requirement
  • Metallurgical Microscope: Grain structure and grade confirmation are being ensured using an imported Inverted Metallurgical Microscope with 100X magnification and optical emission spectrometer
  • Mechanical Testing:This process includes Tensile, Flattening, Flare, and reverse bend tests in compliance with relevant standards using a 600KN capacity Universal Testing Machine. Along with this, a digital tester called Rockwell Hardness Tester checks out the hardness of the products.

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