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Competitive Advantages

Competitive Advantages

1. Products manufactured under strict quality control

  • At all stages from raw materials to finished products, Global Seamless Tubes & Pipes are produced under an integrated system using the most advanced equipment, with rigid quality control exercised at each process.

2. Pleasing surface finish

  • Global Seamless Tubes & Pipes come in surface finishes that exactly meet customer requirements or match the specifications for the intended applications. Inherently excellent properties are further enhanced by advanced hear treating technology to offer a smooth, pleasing surface texture.

3. High dimensional accuracy

  • To meet increasingly severe standards for dimensional accuracy, Global Seamless exercises extra care in producing and inspecting pipe and tubes to particularly rigid dimensional tolerances. Outstanding dimensional accuracy is a result of such efforts.

4. Stable mechanical properties

  • Because pipes and tubes form the basic framework of motor vehicles, industrial and construction machinery and so forth, Global Seamless makes sure the products it delivers exhibit consistent and uniform strength, workability and durability.

5. Wide product and size availability

  • Steel pipes and tubes for machine structures are produced to a broad variety of specifications and in a wide range of sizes. Global Seamless Tubes & Pipes for such applications are available in what may be just about the widest ranges of types and sizes anywhere.

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